Return an entire order previously Captured.

If an order is cancelled or modified after it was Captured (completed and flagged in your commerce system as "shipped").

  • If the Returned API is called in the current period, it will cancel-out the tax remittance for the period.

  • If the Returned API is called in a subsequent period, TaxCloud will automatically record the tax credit amount(s) for each jurisdiction of record, and automatically apply such credits to reduce future tax remittances to each applicable jurdiction.

PRO TIP: The Returned API allows specification of a ReturnedDate. UNDER MOST CIRCUMSTANCES THIS PARAMETER SHOULD NOT BE USED. Without specifying the ReturnedDate paramter, the Returned API defaults/infers the ReturnedDate based upon the date te API is called. This is the correct behavior, from a tax perspective.

For example: If you had accepted and completed an order in February, and the order was returned in March, any sales tax due would have been repoted and remitted with the February sales tax return.

  • Without specifying the ReturnedDate parameter, TaxCloud will automatically recognize the sales tax was previously remitted, and create a credit reducing the tax proceeds due for the current period. This is is usually the intended result.
  • However, if you pass the ReturnedDate parameter using the date of the original sale, TaxCloud will recognize this as a change to the previously filed sales tax return, triggering an Amended Return to be generated and filed, including every interviening sales tax return from the period of the original sale to the current period. This should be avoided, unless your accountant or tax counsel has advised you to do this.



Request body

The request body takes a complete Returned resource, containing the following writable properties:

    "apiKey": "string",
    "apiLoginID": "string",
    "cartItems": null,
    "orderID": "string",
    "returnedDate": "date-time"


Name Type Description Additional
apiKey string

Find your API KEY via

apiLoginID string

Find your API ID via

cartItems[] array Optional
orderID string

This is the immutable Order identifier used by your system to identify unique orders.

returnedDate date-time

The Date/Time the order was returned. IMPORTANT: Returning a previously captured order will create a tax credit which TaxCloud will automatically track and deduct from your next tax remittance.

Although our Returned API requires you to set the ReturnedDate parameter, this should be set to today's date unless you know what you are doing.

TO BE VERY CLEAR: If you provide a returnedDate, such as the original purchase date, and the tax return for that period has already been filed, you will trigger an obligation for TaxCloud (or any tax preparer) to file an Amended Sales Tax Return for that period (and likely any interviening period through current). AMENDED RETURNS INCUR AMENDMENT FEES.



The following HTTP status codes may be returned, optionally with a response resource.

Status code Description Resource
200 OK



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Return a previously captured order

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