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    "LookupResult": {
        "CartID": "uuid",
        "CartItemsResponse": [
                "CartItemIndex": "int32",
                "TaxAmount": "float"
        "Messages": [
        "ResponseType": "int32"


Name Type Description Additional
LookupResult object Optional
LookupResult.CartID uuid

CartID is very similar to an Order ID, except most systems do not issue immutable (permanent) identifiers for orders until customers actually place their order (clicking the BUY button).

IMPORTANT: You must be able to persist the CartID across all Lookup requests for a particular customer (including situations where a customer puts an item in her cart before logging in, then proceeds ordering after logging in).

If your system does not provide a mechanism to create unique identifiers, you can omit this parameter (or submit as null) and TaxCloud will provide a unique identifier in the response (which you should persist for subsequent Lookup calls and the ultimate Authorized or AuthorizedWithCapture calls).

LookupResult.CartItemsResponse[] array Optional
LookupResult.CartItemsResponse[].CartItemIndex int32 Optional
LookupResult.CartItemsResponse[].TaxAmount float Optional
LookupResult.Messages[] array of string

Optional array of messages related to the response.

LookupResult.ResponseType int32

Response Types include

  • 0 = Error. Likely invalid API Credentials
  • 1 = Warning. Something is wrong.
  • 2 = Informational. Something could be better
  • 3 = SUCCESS! You did it!

    Possible values are:

    • %!s(float64=0)
    • %!s(float64=1)
    • %!s(float64=2)
    • %!s(float64=3)