Find Your TaxCloud API Credentials

Each of your Websites in TaxCloud is issued a unique set of API credentials, a unique API ID and API KEY.

You can find these by logging into your TaxCloud account and navigating to the Websites area. TaxCloud API Credentials To make things easier, clicking on each value will select the entire value, so you can easily copy-and-paste into another window.

Each website in TaxCloud has its own API credentials because once a website using a set of API crendentials Goes Live in TaxCloud, all API calls from that set of credentials will be included in your live sales tax reports and returns.

To allow you to have both production and development API credentials, you can create as many "websites" as you want.

Important: Please, do not set development or staging websites to LIVE mode in TaxCloud.

Using Your TaxCloud API Credentials in Our API Explorer

Once you have found your API Crentials in TaxCloud, you can use them in our API Explorer. Here you have two choices:

  1. You can save your TaxCloud API Key for use in all of your API calls in the API Explorer by first selecting the Manage Keys button and then adding your TaxCloud API Key. If you do this, it will be automatically added to the JSON BODY for all subsequent API Calls made from within the API Explorer. Our examples provided assume you have done this, and accordingly do not include the apiKey body parameter.

  2. If you do not save you TaxCloud API Key in the Manage Keys area, you must include the apiKey body parameter in all of your API Calls.

TaxCloud API Credentials in the API Explorer

Unfortunately, it is not possible to also save your TaxCloud API ID in our Manage Keys area yet. So you must include the apiLoginId parameter in all API Explorer calls.