Our Getting Started category of APIs represent the minimal APIs necessary to implement TaxCloud and take advantage of our sales tax compliance service.

  1. Ping If this call fails, API credentials are questionable.

  2. VerifyAddress Verify (hopefully improve) a customer provided delivery address.

  3. Lookup Determine applicable tax amounts for items being purchased.

  4. AuthorizedWithCapture Authorize and Capture a previous Lookup request. Required for tax reporting.

  5. Returned Return an entire order that was previously Captured.

Operation HTTP Request Description
POST /1.0/TaxCloud/Ping
1.1. Ping
POST /1.0/TaxCloud/VerifyAddress
1.2. Verify Address
POST /1.0/TaxCloud/Lookup
1.3. Lookup
POST /1.0/TaxCloud/AuthorizedWithCapture
1.4. Authorized with Capture
POST /1.0/TaxCloud/Returned
1.5. Returned

While all five of these APIs are important, the absolute minimum implementation must call both Lookup and AuthorizedWithCapture.