Our Getting Fancy category of APIs provide more advanced features relative to our basic APIs.

  1. LookupForDate If this call fails, API credentials are questionable.

  2. Authorized Mark a previous Lookup as Authorized.

  3. Captured Mark a previously Authorized order as Captured.

  4. ReturnedPro ReturnedPro enables you to Return a negative quantity, thereby increasing the original sales price.

Operation HTTP Request Description
POST /1.0/TaxCloud/LookupForDate
2.1. Lookup for Date
POST /1.0/TaxCloud/Authorized
2.2. Authorized
POST /1.0/TaxCloud/Captured
2.3. Captured
POST /1.0/TaxCloud/ReturnedPro
2.4. Returned Pro

Note: All TaxCloud APIs require API Credentials which can be found by signing into TaxCloud and navigating to the TaxCloud > Settings > Stores area.